Surprising Features in The Sims 4

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3 Responses

  1. Jamie says:

    I think it would be cool if you can also play around with clothing in create a Sim, the way they said you can change a Sim’s body size and shape, it would be cool if we could change the size of a shirt or pants, and sims who wear the wrong size might get certain reactions from sims with certain personalities. I also think Sims should be able to wear the opposite gender’s clothing.

  2. ireene says:

    this sounds outstanding…
    im so happy to have seasons university and pets features in the base game !
    this is more than we could ask for.
    hopefully the gameplay will be as amazing as it sounds !
    i can’t wait for the release date !

    • Nick says:

      It does sound outstanding ireene! Just be careful to take note of the message in red at the top of the post. This news was from a survey, and is not any guide as to what will be in the base game, it is more likely ideas as to what The Sims 4 could turn into, or for expansion packs etc.

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