“Online Content Sharing” – VideoGamer Feature The Sims 4

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  1. MasterSim says:

    I think EA forgot the SIMS legacy. In SIMS 2 custom content and sharing it was King. Other found ways to do that in SIMS 3. I have stuck with 2 since I couldn’t get answers on compatibility issues and whether or not an internet connection was required since one is not always available.
    My experience has been as a builder and creator – importing neighborhood maps from SIMCITY and designing new items through CAD. This has made the other three players in the house very happy since they prefer the interaction with their Sims. Recently I’ve begun building “sets” for some of the things I work on just to get the proper perspective.
    Now if we could network the game, either locally (like Streets of SimCity) or through their servers that would be AWESOME! (BTW: We do something like this in Minecraft).
    EA Games: Keep the custom content free (no $, no point system). Yes, I know some of us have put hours into our work but I call it paying it forward.

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