The Sims 4 Leaked Screenshots and User Interface!

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8 Responses

  1. Lauren says:

    I like it , it’s sims it not supposed to be the most realistic thing on the planet , and by making it more cartoonie it will be easer on the eyes ( less harsh to look at ) and nifty don’t like it then just Carry on plying sims 3 ?

  2. Anon says:

    Very dull, uninteresting, cartoony, 10 years out of date, uninspiring in general.

  3. Chante says:

    I love it . Great content so far its like a mesh up of the sims 1 and 2. I know people wanted it more realistic but this is the sims. Just check it out first before we judge it.

  4. Crystal says:

    Well if its not an online game where everyone can play together its not worth playing.

  5. ypm says:

    Can’t find words to express how disappointed I am…it all seems so artificial and empty, very uninspired work.

  6. Jivy says:

    If this is sims 4 i am so disappointed it looks like a ipad game or even sims 2 graphics very cartoon looking i’ll wait and so next weeks livestreams.

  7. simlink says:

    Not a fan, so far… of those photos the only one I really actually like is the one with pancakes…

  8. Kailxy says:

    this is can’t be The Sims 4 i mean the graphics doesn’t look that good it’s even worse than The Sims 3 in my opinion

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