Sims 4 Gameplay, Screenshots and More to be Revealed at Gamescom!

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5 Responses

  1. William burgof says:

    are u gonna be able to watch it and where

  2. Devonne Matten says:

    If I’m totally honest…. I was expecting something a lot more on Par with the level of detail as “The Last Of Us” game, by Naughty Dog… I always Assumed Sims would be moving forward with quality and graphics, as well as realism, not backwards. Based on the Sims 4 “coming Soon” Image, It looks as though it’s moving backward… To me, Sims 3 Moved into the uncanny valley, and after playing it today after several months being unable to, The graphics and stylisation aren’t as good as I remember. Although, that could be down to my obsession with “The Last Of Us”, and those standards of realism.

    But I always assumed the goal of Sims was to seem more realistic. To me… this picture paired with the “coming soon” image? Just seems like one big step backwards to me…

    Kinda hurt me to say it, but It’s my honest opinion.

    ~ Love from the Sad Simmer

    • William Rosenberg says:

      The Sims was never a realistic game…Never meant to be, the guy who made it even said so. I do agree that it shouldn’t be too unrealistic in graphics but a little bit won’t hurt… If you were expecting graphics like those you’re obviously going to be severely disappointed.

    • Dark says:

      “The Last of Us”?? Oh, The Sims 4 with graphics like that game will inevitablily hang your pc.

    • Samantha says:


      This is not exactly how they’re going to be looking. I’m assuming you know this with all the new updates, pictures, etc we are receiving. I had the same reaction when i saw the sims and what they were going to look like. I thought ” why so cartoony?”. Then i thought about it, how more realistic could the sims get?? They possible can’t! The Sims were not really made to be ‘realistic’, they were made to be cartoon characters that you customize and build a life for. I understand your disappointment with the graphics they’re using in this game. Though this is not a step back. This still looks very modern and these cartoon characters are very well detailed. DONT WORRY!!! This game will be revolutionary, the Sims team is working very hard to appeal they’re Simmers. I hope you understand where the game makers are coming from. If you have any more questions, comments, or concerns ASK IT! Happy Simming!


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