The Sims 4: Possible Game Features

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  1. Goresh says:

    Nothing there that would interest me.

  2. Islwyn says:

    I would really love everything e.g : Clothes shopping – Online ( I would love to play with my sister! :D ) – Cradle To Grave – Realistic Car ( e.g – need to add fuel. If it brakes down go to a mechanic – buy some booster seats for the young ones! ) ( no more examples ) I would also love to OWN yes I said own a business like who wouldn’t want to own a business??? I also want the map to be explorable ( e.g – like Sims 3. Where you could see you kids going to school! Driving to the beach for a BBQ. You can walk maybe from the NIGHTCLUB to the MUSEUM maybe without having to wait like 1/2 an hr just so it could load. ) CANT WAIT TILL OTHER UPDATES OR PATCHES AND EXPANSION PACKS !!!

  3. Hi says:

    I want no rabbitholes.

  4. U. DunnoMe says:

    It would be nice if hair could react to the environment, not only go all frizzy because of a meteor, but also get droopy and drippy in the rain, blow around in the wind, and so on.

  5. elsieG says:

    Please bring back the Sims 2 Apartment life built-in closets.

  6. I wish you could at least go inside of restaurants and see what the are doing just like the hospital and grocery store all the place like that and another thing is, I wish you could do is have the people/player you are and have them speak in English.

  7. NataSimsLove says:

    Hello dear team of Sims! I live in Russia and do not know much English so I hope you understand what I write.
    I am a fan of The Sims, and looking forward to Sims 4! I’m sure that this game will blow up the world! In an article you wrote that listen to the opinion of the players. I also decided to write to you my wishes :)

    1. We would like to smooth maturation and aging. So that the character is not sharply grew from a child into a teenager and a little bit every day.
    2. It should be a normal public transport: buses and trams.
    3. There should be shops with clothing.
    4. There must be a kindergarten, school, university.
    5. It is necessary that the hair grew.
    6. It is necessary to have a country house.
    7. It is necessary to have a lot more people in the city.
    8. It is necessary to have public buildings:
    9. It is necessary to have more options for cooking.
    10. Need a lot of new profession
    11. It is necessary to have hostels or to be able to rent a room.
    12. So that children can go to the clubs:
    and so on
    13. To be able to travel abroad.
    14. The man could swim, sunbathe.

    Thank you very much for such a wonderful game like Sims! I look forward to release Sims 4!

  8. DS says:

    I wish there could be a POV (Point-of-View) mode where you can control your sim and view it like in first person shooter games. I would really like to see what my sim is viewing from their perspective. It would be really cool!

  9. lizzie says:

    When sims 3 was released i was really dissapointed, i thought the children and babies looked distorted and odd, building relationships with other sims wasn’t simple enough, and the map became annoying, you couldn’t go inside some places like restaurants which you previously could do with sims 2 expansion packs. Overall you didn’t have as much control over the sims lives as you did in sims 2. I know some people might like this but personally i didn’t. I’m really hoping sims 4 will include more aspects of that in sims 2!
    As for advances in the game,
    i hope that the sims become a lot more life like in looks and emotions and you can create families of a bigger size with more relationship options

  10. Eric says:

    To get 99% of the suggestions listed you’d need a i7 processor and a $500+ graphic card. I doubt EA would be able to move a game that would start at $75 and UP.

    You have to be realistic, though I am not a great fan of Maxis and EA, they have to make games people can afford to buy.

    • KiaTheLesbianSimmer says:

      I am a Big Fan of EA and all the Sims games, I would save my money to buy a $75 game especially the sims 4 its something every simmer has been waiting on Maxis has a lot of fans who wouldn’t care about the price I guarantee it will still be a big hit even if they upped the price an extra $15

  11. I wish they would involve an online feature to play with people around the world like a virtual reality MMORPG where you can marry and have kids and such other things. im excited however for the new game and cant wait for them to release more official details about the game.

  12. Will says:

    Things I want that nobodys said.;
    Making Custom In Game.- Sims should be able to get a career as a fashion designer and have a little sort of minigame to create it, then it could be sent off to an online shop which is ingame. If the design gets a sale, Sims get simoleans and maybe a exclusive reward item.

    Airport.; Sims should be able to go to the airport, fly on a plane to a destination.

    Moving Neighborhoods without losing relationships+ travelling between towns.

    For the criminal career; Sneaking through windows, robbing banks, and when in jail, (Hopefully no rabbitholes!) be able to break out, and if caught, put in high security.

    MURDER.; I know people pretend to hate it on sims but, c’mon, we all want it. And without having to mod.

    One sim can lead another on.; When a sim loves another, which doesn’t love them back, they have the option to lead that sim on.

    • HiitsAmy says:

      I think it will be cool if the cars stopped at the lights and u could open the car door and have to buy a car seat for toddlers and babies also if u could get a wheel chair or crouches if u brake a leg they should also include a movie theatre and a resteruant so u can ran it ur self the cars should not be able to run through each other they should have better clothes and furniture for every age they should keep the same graphics
      THANK YOU!!!!

    • jacqueline says:

      I agree!! It would make it so much better and realistic!

  13. Rebecca Middleton says:

    I really hope they don’t make it cartoony like I’ve been hearing I would like the Sims to look more life like then ever before it would be very disappointing if they looked more unlife like:/

  14. Kacie says:

    I agree with everyone on here. I don’r know if anyone said this, but I think it would be cool if you could drive the cars yourselves. Like, you can use the mouse(or touchpad thingy) or the arrows or something. I think that’ll be cool.

  15. Jada Jones says:

    Got this from yahoo but I totally agree with everything !!!!

    Aging, I think you should set their age in CAS ( for example, you put in 7 the child’s height and face is set to the average 7 year old) Of course you can customize everything.
    Height, I think that adults shouldn’t have the same height neither should children. Maybe they could add a height slider to fix this.
    RABBITHOLES, I personally HATE rabbitholes in the Sims 4 there should be NO rabbitholes.
    More stuff for kids. The toddlers (2-3) and pre-schoolers (4-5) should have ABC books and special learning tools and toys and car seats . Young children (6-9) should have fun math books and activity pads, they should have room decor specific for their age group.
    Tweens (10-12) should have special room decor, music players and cellphones. They should also be given more responsibility like chores..etc
    Young teens (13-15) This one I find kind of funny but teen girls should have to buy pads/tampons for that time of the month, during this time of the month they will get moody..etc. They should have bean bag chairs, laptops, cellphones,Ipods and Special room decor.
    Teens (16-18) High school students. should have the ability to tutor young teens for some extra simoleans, young teens and teens should have their OWN “wallet/bank/safe” so they can have their own simoleans,they should have cars and cellphones …..etc
    Young adults (19-25) should be able to RENT apartments and houses. (I don’t have much for them)
    and I can’t think of anything for the Adults
    Elders (55+) should have Canes,Meds and electric scooters.
    Holidays,I think it should have the Holidays like Halloween,Christmas,Easter …..etc
    More Clothing, Maybe you can BUY clothing with simoleans I think that would be cool. :D
    There should also be SPORTS like Gymnastics,Dance,Soccer,Basketball,Hocke… ….etc
    and special outfits for each sports available for pre-school (4-5) through adults. also graduation from highschool basically like real like

    • Me says:

      Yeah, what you said! ^^

      • JD says:

        Agree with everything but holidays. Some Christians are offended by Halloween, some people don’t celebrate Christmas, many non Christians don’t do Easter and so on. Also, I’d like a middle age stage in between adult and elder.

    • Josiana Mariee says:

      Yes of course

    • Rebecca Middleton says:

      I agree with jada great ideas we need more stuff for the little ones their ain’t much just mainly the adults

    • Thiscastleisunacceptable says:

      For the “holidays” bit, in the Sims 3 Seasons expansion pack they already have this. Halloween = spook day, Christmas = Gift Giving Day, Valentine’s Day = Love Day and so on.

      They wouldn’t be able to have an actual “Christmas” event though because not all religions celebrate Christmas and yeahh..

    • Princess Emiyot says:


    • U. DunnoMe says:

      They can’t add a height slider ’cause it would mess up all the animations.
      Like they’d have to make it so that there’s an animation for a person with 4.2 height, then 4.3 height, then 4.4 height, and so on. Then we,d have to wait till September 2nd *2017*.

  16. .. says:

    I’d like there to be a stronger sense of danger. Sims can get hit by cars, start fires, fight, without any dire consequences. Yes, there is the inconvenience of replacing furniture, or maybe going to jail for a few days, but my sims almost never die from it. I find it hard to get that the most threatening part of the game is a bad jelly bean. I want some conflict with reckless behavior and more opportunity to make really terrible decisions; If only for realism’s sake. Otherwise it’s great.

  17. someone says:

    I think it should have more places to go beside the park and pool etc. i think a lot of the features would be really awesome.

  18. marle says:

    I would like there to be difficulty options, I feel it’s too easy to get rich in the sims right now

  19. My Sim’s always seem to have to initiate the flirtatious/romantic relationships. It would be nice if the dance clubs had more Sims in general but also a few that would “hit on” my Sim’s – •more realistic experience and nice fake flattery

  20. Kaitlin says:

    It would be cool if they actually opened the car doors & had carseat for babies & toddlers.

  21. Marie says:

    I think the online aspect of things would be an interesting experience. I don’t see myself getting real into it, but it could be fun. I also like the idea of creating a sim mobile. Every feature sounds amazing, and I am hoping for a more realistic experience. Maybe gradual aging? Not such huge age leaps, maybe go from baby to toddler, toddler to preschooler, preschooler to kid, kid to preteen, preteen to teen, teen to young adult, young adult to adult, and adult to elder.

  22. Peter says:

    Just like everyone else, I want to see a more realistic touch in the way all Sims 4 characters interact with each other. I hope that the live stream and other online features are optional, because online based games are not my favourite pick.

  23. the-Sims-4 says:

    The world tool creation, customizable traits and looks are at the top of my list when it comes to new features in the Sims 4. Being able to create your own world will definitely make the Sims 4 more engaging. It would also be great if the Sims characters will be able to express emotions and interact in a realistic way..

  24. I really hope they focus on making things more realistic, like more variaety/choice/controll in CAS, neighborhood/world creation, and making interactions and multitasking more lifelike, and less on making the game internet and social media friendly. I love making unique stories on the game, not posting online every time my sim brushes their teeth…

  25. I really hope the create a Sim doesn’t end up being more cartoonish.
    that would really ruin it for me.

  26. Rachel griffin says:

    I wish you could have an sim online community, were your neighbors were actual players.

    • Shaun says:

      They tried that with the first Sims game. It was called The Sims Online. I don’t know how it turned out, I didn’t get it.

  27. shadedria says:

    It would also be cool if we could go shopping for clothes but i would hate to have to unlock everything.

    • Marley says:

      itd be awesome to be able to shop for clothes. but itd have to be cc compatible shopping for me like creators can make stuff just to be shopped for.

  28. shadedria says:

    im happy about everything the more realistic the sims 4 is the better. It would be great if we could see when female sims have their babies and choose whether the father is in the room or gets put out.

  29. evan says:

    If this turns out to be real, I’m really excited. Looks like the big focus of the sims 4 are the sims and their emotions. That’s what I’m glad about. Less focus on the open world and more on the sims.

  30. Kelly says:

    Bummer. I was hoping to be able to take my sim clothes shopping. Instead, again, I will have to wait ages for the wardrobe to load up every single ingame item of clothing. Otherwise it all sounds fantastic.

  31. Truth18 says:

    it’ll be cool if you could drive and even take the car to the mechanic to get it fixed and upgraded. the sports will be cool and to do Parkour would be cool.

  32. Chester says:

    What about weather and seasons? Be cool to have weather and seasons in the base game.

    Weather Effects include
    .Snow, snow accumulation dusting – 50 inches
    .Hail, varyings of hail include light – heavy and hail sizes include pea size – softball size
    .Thunderstorms, perhaps thunderstorms produce something else besides rain include snow and hail
    .Wind, wind speeds include light winds 5 – 15 mph, medium winds 20 – 35 mph, strong winds 40 – 55 mph, damaging winds 60 – 65 mph, destructive winds 70 – 100 mph

    Weather Channel include
    .Wind speeds
    .7 Day forecast
    .Severe weather alerts only severe thunderstorm watches/warnings in the base game but tornado watches/warnings and other weather alerts be added to the expansion, In the base game also have winter weather alerts include winter weather advisories, winter storm/blizzard watches/warnings.

    That would be cool to have the weather effects in the base game.

  33. chantelle says:

    I hope this is true and that you could go into your work place and do stuff

  34. screenfiend says:

    Some of the the proposed features I am genuinely excited about. The thought of clothes and objects affecting my sim’s emotions sounds great and makes a lot of sense. The notion of expanding the emotional range of sims and their memories is equally enticing but I have to agree with simmiepie (as usual) when it comes to the online features; they’re just not my cup of tea.

  35. simmiepie says:

    Oops I forgot to erase the Reward System one. I don’t want to have to unlock stuff in my game. It’s just too tedious. :/

  36. simmiepie says:

    Whoa! Some of the stuff I’m a little on the fence about, but some of the others I’m really interested in!

    I personally think these sound pretty awesome, and I hope to kind of seem them in the game.

    World Creation Tool
    Cradle to Grave
    New CAS System
    Magazine View
    Group Socializing
    Live Stream
    Levels of Emotions
    Personalized Neighborhoods
    Reward System
    New Build System
    Memory Moodlets

    These are the ones I seem most interested in. The Magazine View sounds awesome! As well as multitasking, I mean that would be great if a sim could watch tv and drink at the same time. The Live Stream option sounds great for those who like Let’s Plays. I love the Cradle to Grave idea, I love creating life stories. The Expressiveness sounds amazing for emotion, especially those who tell stories Levels of emotions kind of go hand in hand with that one. I love having my sims throw cool events and stuff. I love group socializing. That’s pretty cool!

    The other features that involves online usage, I’m just not into. It would be cool to play with other friends and their sims but I have no friends who actually play the sims. So It wouldn’t even do any good for me. I don’t really care about the mobile stuff either. I especially am not into the whole achievements thing. I like playing my game how I want to and I don’t want to do tasks just to achieve what I’m trying to get out of the game. I do think player run events would be kinda cool, however I don’t have any friends that play The Sims, so it would again be useless for me. The whole mobile features I am again, just not into. I don’t want to play mini games or look at my characters “stats” or dress my sim on the mobile. It might be useful for some, but not for me. :)

    The possible description for The Sims 4 sounds pretty enticing! I feel like the game is giving off this kind of futuristic feel because there’s going to be so much that has never been in The Sims before. I really hope it’s as revolutionary as The Sims 2 was. :)

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