Possible Concept Art for The Sims 4

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11 Responses

  1. Devonne Matten says:

    Don’t like it… at all…
    As I posted in a different comment.
    I like how we’re out of the Uncanny Valley that we were in with Sims 3
    But I feel this is going back to Sims 2 a little too much..

    Was Really hoping to have Sims on par with “The Last Of Us”

  2. Evan says:

    Honestly, I like the way those look. Especially the guy. Obviously they aren’t final, but if this is in fact real, I like the style. Not too realistic, not too cartoony. They look so much better than the sims 3 sims. Those look terrible

  3. SarahRoss says:

    Looks more like The Sims Freeplay. Don’t like it

    • Nick says:

      Good observations actually, didn’t see that but now that I think about it, you’re pretty right. Personally, I quite like the cartoonist art in The Sims Freeplay!

      • SARAHROSS says:

        I totally love the way they look in The Sims Freeplay but I don’t want to see that in The Sims 4. :)

  4. They look good! I’m not really into realistic sims either honestly. I hope these really are legit models for the Sims 4.

  5. xition says:

    Thank god it seems it won’t be freakishly realistic, so many people want that but do we really a sim game even MORE demanding on our computers? Plus it wouldn’t be as fun. If these really turn out to be it I’ll be very happy :)

  6. simmiepie says:

    I think it’s very possible! I submitted a tip to Simsvip, because when i searched the guy’s name Ferby Miguel, I found his Linkdln profile and it says that he has worked on The Sims 2: Castaway for the console and he has worked on The SIms 3. :)

    • Rudy says:

      Simsvip according to those Art:

      ”The Sims 4 was to be an online game (olympus and icarus). It was scrapped, and those were the sims used. They are irrelevant now.”

      ”Not to mention all early versions of sims will look terrible. Give it some time, we’ll see the new sims in due time :)”

      Via twitter in response to my question about the art.

      • Nick says:

        Thanks for the update! I guess all of these rumors and leaks are in fact just rumors and we can’t ever be sure about any of it until EA give us some real. official information. What SimsVIP said sounds pretty reasonable and believable though.

        We can only wait to find out! (I can’t wait much longer though!)

        • Thekillers1212 says:

          I really think its the sims 4 . If u compare these sims models hair with the official sims 4 logo , u will see that the hair looks particularly identical (they r geometrical )

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