Live Chat with Senior TS3 Designer, Aaron Connor

Live Chat with Senior TS3 Designer, Aaron Connor

On Thursday, January 26, 2012, EA hosted a very informative and all inclusive peek into the newest expansion pack, Showtime and Starlite Shores. This expansion pack is the biggest to come out of the Sims 3 studios and is full of new venues, visually updated venues such as the Bistro which will come with a stage, school, town hall plus many more, all designed to represent southern California. There will be 31/2 new careers: Singer, Acrobat, Magician and the 1/2 career is DJ – work a full-time day job and DJ at night. The much talked about new exclusive to Showtime, social feature-Sim port. Along with new items in buy/build mode, many are coming back from the Sims 2! Photobooth, mechanical bull, pool table and the electrodance sphere. Plus much, much, more. Visit EA and The Sims3 community to find out everything from today’s live Q&A with Aaron Connor on: &

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