The Sims Medieval: Questing Guide and Information

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  1. Shirley says:

    What does it mean sort out amnentia?

  2. I’m doing the Legendary Sword Quest adn can’t find/make the required fireplace to make the Divine Item. Any ideas?

  3. Moonsfeather says:

    I know this may be silly but I am doing the Bric-a-Brack quest and chose to scrub a surface clean. I have clicked in everything I can think of and that option never comes u…what do I do?

  4. Joe says:

    I’m having trouble with the Incident Quest in the Sims Medieval: Pirates & Nobles. Any suggestions on how to finish the quest?

  5. N*f*o says:

    I don’t know what to do… :@ Please tell me if you can… The quest is: Pickpocket the Tome of Terror from Traveler Lydell…
    I searched in the internet and I haven’t found something…. :@ I am a spy and I don’t know where is the button for pickpocket… It is hidden… Please help me :@ Please…….

  6. Ryan G says:

    is medieval all about quest or is there free play??

    • Name says:

      Once you finish the new beginnings ambition then in the top left corner there is an ambition called eternal kingdom or everlasting kingdom, something like that. You can do free play with and without responsibilities there

  7. Name says:

    Just click on the Monarch!


  8. Name patti says:

    Hi, I cannot seem to get the throne room declaired open. I tried the advisor, and the mailbox, and I also checked to see if I needed to write a letter.

  9. Name says:

    Please don’t be quite so esoteric. We are all wanting to participate, learn and enjoy…cheer up, lighten up!

  10. Pattie says:

    I have been trying to offer up blood, by making enemies to duel, fistfight, hunting, whaling, and eating whale, and even sacrified health self to pit and live return. What is it I need to do to finish this part of fountain quest?

  11. Name Danielle says:

    The Pit is at the Stocks

  12. Tempest says:

    Has anyone done the Jacoban Pilgram 2 Quest. My character is suppose to stand on a Evangelism Platform and make a defense but when I ask her to it says t”No interaction available”. Can anyone help pls?

  13. andri says:

    ^ this true

  14. andri says:

    aa okk thx (: i remember did this quest,Evan.You must go in the judgment zone and must to jumb into the hole and you will find the item (:

  15. andri says:

    aa okk thx (: i remember did this quest,Evan.You must go there the monster and must jumb in the hole and you will find (:

  16. d8isycr8zy says:

    I can’t find the lobster, can anyone help me?

  17. andri says:

    hey,i have one quest which is Bric-a-Brac Day and i can’t find this quest ”hunt by the sacred oak for a hidden royal item” anyone can help me? ;/

    • Evan says:

      You need to gather plants near the oak, Andri. The oak is the random tree between the two churches. Hope this helps :) But I can’t find the item at the pit of judgement. Do you know where it is?

      • Name dana says:

        you have to jump in the pit.
        your chance of living increased by having your aspirations up.
        Also, drinking allure before you jump, mine have all survived using it.

    • Name says:

      The sacred oak is next to the Jacoban catherdral. at the base of the tree is a bucnch of wildflowers,, Valoroot I think. When your sims ckicks on it, the find trinket button will be there along with the collect button

  18. Kc says:

    if you dont like whats written find another site

  19. Lala says:

    This is a stupid answer I want to know the locations of rocks and plants not this trash!

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