Looking for New Sims3Fanatics Writers!

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4 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    Hey again Sam! I know, it’s been long..but at least it’s starting to get back together again. If you still want to write, your user is still up and your account is still active so feel free, the more the merrier! I’ll send you an email ;)

  2. Samantha Lynne says:

    Hey Nick! Looooonnnnnnnng time!

    Am I still apart of the writing team?

  3. Brad says:

    Hey Zack!

    I’m interested in the part of writing and writing blog’s about Sims 3 on this website I have past history with other website. And I also have the game as well which I’m a big fan off :)

    So If your interested in getting back to me please get back to me on my business email address thanks .

  4. Flou says:


    I’m very interested in writing News for you // your site. I’d be very glad to help you, because Sims3Fanatics is one of my favorite Sims-Fansites and I’ll help you to update it!

    I look foreward to hearing for you,
    Flou ;)

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