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  1. Random says:

    (This isn’t a reply but i dont know how to make a comment) I have been able to come up with two ideas and much more but just two in general. First they should have number ages not just toddler, child, teen, adult, etc. but every three days they should add another age. Also, they should make dating situations such as a girl could be a higher league then a guy and they could be going out so it would boost the guys popularity. Therefore they should have the girls and guys work their way up to a certain league and then you can also work your way up to a certain popularity. Also a child should be able to have something like young love or a crush on another child, that way its easier when they grow up.

  2. Ashleigh says:

    I like Samantha's suggestion, but I would expand that to The Sims 3 Farm Life. Add more crops you can tend and harvest, add farm machinery like tractors and mass watering systems, farm animals, barns, etc.

    Sort of like Seasons and Pets mixed together… but way better.

    Unfortunately, Nick runs a fansite that is not endorsed by or affiliated with EA as the disclaimer at the bottom of the site clearly states, so those ideas would most likely be put to better use somewhere where EA can use them… not that they'll listen. It's rare that they listen to their fans.

  3. Hrootbeer says:

    I think this image remains true to The Sims but isn't so much that it detracts from all of the other things on the site.

    • Nick says:

      Thanks, great to hear, there will still be quite a few changes of the next few months, let me know if you have any thoughts on any of them :D

  4. Nick says:

    @Samantha – It would be awesome if I could do that, however, I am no genius, mod or employee of EA and I don't think there is any way in which I could. Sorry, but if I do ever find out how to make one, I will definitely share it with you :P

    @Hrootbeer – Thanks for the suggestion, I changed the background to a lighter and less busy image, I can still change it again, so please let me know if you have any other suggestions. I may have to change the menu bar at the top as it doesn't look very right on a light background :P

    Thanks guys for your suggestions, please share any others you have.


  5. Hrootbeer says:

    I like the ease of the new site design. The only thing I would critique is the background. It's busy…not as busy as the previous one, but still not soothing on the eyes.

  6. Samantha Nowark says:

    I think you guys need to come out with a Sims 3 Equestrian. Where you can build a barn and have horses but do all kinds of events with the horses. Like western, barrel racing, pole bending, jumping, rodeo, etc. Also have tack for the horses you can buy like all kinds of saddles, bridles, bits, halters, bell boots, splint boots, blankets, etc. And also have all the different things you would use to take care of horses like brushes, hoof picks, shampoos, conditioners, minerals, salt blocks, mineral blocks, hay, alphalpha, grain, etc. Have where you can build a field and also a forest where you can build your own trails and go trail riding.

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