The Sims 3 Design & High Tech High End Loft Stuff?

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7 Responses

  1. shontelle says:

    Hey, high end loft stuff and design and high tech stuff is the same thing…just thought i’d let ya know.

  2. john says:

    Excuse me… I'm Italian I can't speak English then your… this page is American or English… ?

  3. Abbey says:

    Hey Abbey here. I hope that they will put more things on the sims. Like elevators, you can own your own store, pets, magic from The Sims 1, and they need to add more towns!

    Also they should invent a under water room. And its under water completely. Ohh and I got the Sims 3 World Adventures for Christmas! I cant wait until Christmas day so I can open it up and play it.

    • Nick says:

      Lol, well they're going to have more towns with the Create-a-World Tool coming soon but apart from that, I can't really help.

      Lucky you for getting World Adventures – how you know baffles me :P


  4. Simsmaster4110 says:

    Oh This will be brilliant as we are getting the Electric Guitar, Aquarium and The Vibrating bed from The Sims 2. I bet we are getting Hot Tubs also and the Microphone.

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