Problems with Mods and World Adventures

If you’ve been having problems whilst playing you World Adventures game due to mod installs there is now some more info on how to solve these annoying things! Thanks a lot to SimGuru_BGY_11 for the info:

Before World Adventures, the Mods folder and file Resource.cfg were placed in the following directory:

C/ProgramFiles/ElectronicArts/TheSims3 or, the directory you installed to your game.

When World Adventures is installed, it creats a new folder under:


This is where you need to move your Mods folder and file Resource.cfg. to:


You can move the Mods folder and Resource.cfg by right-clicking, selecting Cut, then Paste into the appropriate directory.

If you feel you need any further specific help with your World Adventures game or have any issues you need support with, just comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If this helped, please consider subscribing to us or following us on twitter.

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  1. angie

    doubt anyone will see this anymore its been 1.5 years… but here goes. when i try to travel “the sims has stopped working” pops up adn the game closes!!! i uninstalled world adventures ans reinstalled and it still happened. i deleted the games i wouldnt play again i deleted games on my computer i never play idk anything about mods and all that i havetn done any of those any suggestions?

  2. Kurlgirl

    traps did not reset when I reinstalled WA. sent 1 sims who opened them all. when I sent second sim to try out travel adventures, all of the traps were still opened and presented no challenges. is there a saved file I need to remove to get the reinstalled world adventures working properly?

  3. Armughan

    hey can anyone help me? my sims is working and i can see the sim panel and everything but i cant see the actual sims or the house or anythng. the screens just blue. i loaded one of my other families and it worked but on the family i play with mainly, the i cant see anything :(

  4. Sue


    My sims travelled to France and their travel time expired.
    So it went through all the usual going home stuff, but when I got back to the neighbourhood they’re not there!
    Its like I’ve started a new game and I’m being told to select a household. My sims have COMPLETELY disappeared!!

    I’ve gone back to my last save multiple times, but this keeps happening.

    Where are my sims? :( :(

  5. Danni

    My world adventures keeps shutting down when i barely start the game. I had no problems until I got this game, I’ve had it since april and thought it would fix itself by now. But its quite annoying and Id like to play the game I payed for now. I tried the DEP but that doesnt work and turning off my pop ups and anti virus. Nothing seems to work, and I have above the game requirements (I have also unistalled everything and reinstalled it all) nothing works, please help :/

  6. Dev

    @All of the people who’s people/families don’t appear when they travel somewhere:
    1. Edit the town you’re vacationing in, then click “return to the game” at the top and it will then let you choose a family in the vacation town!
    2. Now you can play this family forever or, you go to their cellphone and select “GO HOME” and once your home, then you will see your actual family there:)
    I really hoped this helped!

  7. Christy

    Hi there, I have been having some very crazy issues. At first I did not have any problems. And then it all started with my sims not being able to enter the hospital or the parliament building and loosing jobs because of it. My female sim nearly died being stuck at the hospital until I removed it. Its now gone and I cant place it anywhere.

    Then I wanted to take my sim family to France. Once I got to France, the whole family was gone they did not show up at all. So I went back to the home town and they were not in their house. When I clicked return to game I was taken back to France with still no sims in sight.

  8. Miranda

    Here is MY problem.

    I’m on a macbook with all the recommended settings and everything. I’m running my windows 7 which is what I use to play sims. it’s a good partition so that’s not the problem i dont think.

    When I’m in WA and I travel somewhere, my game will often freeze. The graphics will still be running (trees rustling and whatnot) but the time will stop, the people will stop, and I can’t click anything. It will sit there for like 3 minutes then go again. it happens the most when the sim is sleeping I think….I checked my RAM and stuff…and my graphics card is only like a year old. I also dont have any content that I didn’t just buy off of the website. I tried running it without any of them and that didnt work. I’ve tried everything! help me!

  9. Rex

    Hi everyone. I have a huge problem with sims 3 WA. I installed it and it was working just fine in first few days, but now when it comes to the bar, it ends much faster and just go in some destination what i select but WITHOUT sim i select to go to that destination. I try it for about 10000 times and just wont do it. I even try with diferent locations but nope nothing. Please if someone can help me…

  10. Anonymous

    Hi everyone having the WA problems. I posted on the 19th because I got WA for my birthday and had a ton of problems. Here are some possible fixes that I found:

    1. If you can’t get out of the one of the 3 towns you traveled to, try playing as a resident in the town. Then “add to family” your sim(s) and have them travel to your original home town. Once there move them into your home and then move out the foreigner. Your relationship meter will probably be gone for your sim(s) but at least you will be back home.

    2. If you travel and once there you can’t see your UI or anything just quit right away without saving. If it doesn’t let you, push Ctrl+C and type quit. Whatever you do, do not save during this time. Also, by the time you’ve read this, you will have probably already saved and messed the game up. =-) So, if you did save the game, hopefully you had another save of the game prior to traveling. If so, load that. If not, then refer to #1 above.

    I really hope that helps. In the future, remember to save before traveling.

    Happy Simming!

  11. Anonymous

    I have some problems with my Sims WA as well.
    My game works perfectly in every other sense, but when I travel and I’m on my way home (loading the main town) it won’t finish. What I’m saying is that my sims can’t get home from the travel, and I have to restart my computer and play the sims in their home.
    Is there anything I can do to make the game work properbly again?

  12. Anonymous

    I got WA for my birthday the other day and it is by far the worst birthday present I have ever gotten. It ruined my game and family and now I have to uninstall the entire game.

    My question is: should I install it again but this time not travel? I have the sims 3 deluxe (sims 3 and ambitions), WA, and Late Night. For my other birthday presents I know I am getting the rest of the expansions. I read online somewhere that it is best to install the games in order. Do you think that is why it glitched the first time – because I had installed sims 3 and ambitions???

    I don’t have any mods or custom content only EA store bought things. I’m a noob to computers so I don’t know how to do the file moving stuff.

    Please help! It’s ruining my Sims playing time =-(

  13. Quintin

    Hi there i have installed The sims 3 world Adventures and i noticed when i send my sim to a vacations like to china then there’s no sims. and my game freeze…. But the game does not freeze on my friends computer. And if i just ply in my normal town then theres nothing wrong with it does some one know what i can do?

  14. Shelby

    I’ve had several problem with WA and they all happened yesterday!

    First when my sim came back from her vaction there were two of her!! I had saved during the vacation so I just exited without saving. When I replayed it the same thing happened so I kicked the twin sim out. This caused the game to get glitches like running very slow, freezing, some sims couldnt do social interactions, and the sims would randomly appear in differents spots. So again I quit withoug saving. I replayed. Same problem happened!! Only this time I had my sim go on vaction to france again and when it loaded my sim wasnt there, there were no funds, I couldn’t do anything.

    My second problem is that I got on today to try it one more time and my game needed the update. I tried to install it and it almost finished when an error message pops up saying “Update Error: Invalid File Found” I’ve also tried to install this update multiple times and it says the same thing.

    I really hope someone knows how I can fix this!!

  15. Lena

    Hey :)
    I have the same problem as Lillian (above) – it’s really annoying me because I have this dream of getting my sims rich and sending them to France to paint in a cute little house by the river, haha.

    Also, if anyone has the “Error 16″ glitch while saving, I found that trying the “Save As” option will solve that problem :)

    Hope you can help!
    -Lena :)

  16. Lilian

    Whenever I take my family on a vacation, as soon as my family gets there i cant play anyone. The sim icons on the left where u r supposed to click to play a sim are gone. It only happens with this family. It works perfectly fine on other families. Help!

  17. Sam

    hello. so i am having a huge problem and its really bugging me! when i travel somewhere in world adventures when i return home my sims wont stay in bed.. they’ll be exhausted and try to go to bed and only stay in bed for about 10secs. and wind up glitching to the end of the bed or my whole household freezes in the same place i left them.. time will go on but they will not move.. help please?!

  18. allie

    i see a lot of people have complained about this. whenever i try to travel anywhere ( ive tried going to all vacation destinations) when i get there my sims are no where to be found. i can go to the town view, move my camera as i please, the clock still moves, i can go to the options and save and all that, but the thing says day 0 of 3, my sim thumbnails arent there, my sim’s picture isnt in the sim box, my wishes arent there, i have no mood buffs, no lifetime wish, and i cant open up that arrow that goes to the inventory and all of that. so basically i only have the time on that sim box. so what do i do? please please please please please pppppppplllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssseeee help me!!!!!! i havent had any more errors except for that “a serious error has occurred loading ____. it is reccommended that you restart the application” problem wich you can fix easily.

  19. Amanda

    I have the complete Sims 3 collection, do not use mods and all that business, not quite sure how to and every time i try to go to a forum on mods, i’m not allowed access to the page. But, every time my sim goes on vacation, I purchase grapes and such with ancient coins. When I return home, none of the items appear in my inventory and my coins were wasted. The same happens when I buy this vacation house, and once I get home the game doesn’t register the purchase of the house and I have to buy it again every time I go back to France. I’ve deleted the caches in my EA folder, hasn’t helped. I’m not sure what to do?

  20. Liz

    Recently, each time i try to get my sim to go to China (haven’t tried other locations) It begins to load and then the whole computer shuts down? any idea how to fix this?

    Before I had an issue where after downloading world adventures I was only able to use one household-as in, I couldn’t select or play with the other families. I haven’t tried so far and have just been working around it. But if I can’t even visit the other countries, I’m not sure I see the point. Can you help?

  21. Anthony

    HI ! So i just bought sims 3 WA and installed it, when i clicked on the game launche it kept saying disc not found please insert sims 3 ambitions to proceed which i did but nothing changes do you know a quick solution for this ? pls reply to my comment asap. thank you

  22. Danielle

    Hello I’m Danielle. In the Sims 3 World Adventures everytime I try going to any of the 3 places it goes there and then I cant see my people its just all blue on the bottom it just shows me the time thats it. And when I do anything involved with Egypt it shuts my entire game down. Can you please help me with this, thank you.

  23. Natalie

    Hey, I have a major problem that I’ve seen a few other people here have to but we get no solution -.-

    I have travelled with my family before and it has gone great every time but now it’s my first time in egypt and when it got there the family isn’t there not even their icons on the left so I can’t find them. The time still goes but my family funds are on zero and I don’t know where to find and get my family back? PLEASE help me and other people who have the same problem!!!

  24. sithspectre

    i have finally reinstalled sims 3 right up to the ambitions pack. took it out ages back after i installed ambitions – got sick of the game crashing after i played a household. i like to speed up my play, got mods which speed up skill making. i did have a fair bit of CC in my downloads folder. i use sims 3 to work out story characters. i have now abandoned that idea – use sims 2 which is More reliable for that. im hesistant to get the new pack. i am on satellite broadband so cant disconnect which means my darn game is online while im playing. which slows the game down. i spose i gotta get used to it. it drives me nuts seeing the flashing bag all the time

  25. kaysea

    This is not about World Adventures, or maybe it is, who knows. I have just installed WA, HELS, & Ambitions today. Everytime I try to save while playing Ambitions it tells me an unexpected error has occured, error code 15 & tells me to consult the read me file…..well all it did was tell me to report the problem to EA GAMES…..they were no help all they told me was to uninstall & reinstall or try a patch etc……HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Diquan

    I installed world adventures and then i tried a number of mods but no matter what mod it is, it never starts up, the game i mean, the bar stays gray and no music plays, i moved the folder and the file and i dont know what to do please help.

  27. selena

    Hey. Does anyone have a suggestion as to why my medieval replacement careers won’t work with the new patch. Does World Adventures have anything to do with it. If so where can I get an update or similar careers?Thx

  28. Streetcleaner

    I’m having a prob, when I try to install World Adventures, it says “Setup has detected that The Sims 3 is corrupt or not properly installed. Setup is unable to continue installation.”

    What should I do? Reinstall the Sims 3?

  29. Latanya


    I have similiar problems!

    WA doesnt work with mods, and even without them its a lag storm on a high end gaming machine. I tried patches and updates but nothing works. Its not funny at all, EA should really fix that or I want my money back. And by the way “Ambitions” made it even worse, so why did they even release that game, when its not working properly at all? I uninstalled ambitions now but nothing works anyways and without the mods the game is boring.

    p.s. I’m from germany so its the german version of the Sims 3 games

  30. jho

    Hi there! I have a problem downloading the update for my game..when i’m finished with one download and another one is starting the EADM will pop a window which says EA Core Server has stopped working?..and now, I can’t play my Game.. can you give me some solutions? Thanks!

  31. Paloma

    I’ve bought my sims base in the U.S, but i live in Israel, and i bought here (Israel) WA and Ambitions pack. When I try to install WA it says that it cannot be installed because of different regional code, though Ambitions installed with no problems and it works perfectly. Aany suggestions?

  32. Anonymous

    When I updated world of adventures and it had finshed it would not let me click on play or the home page, or anything on the setup. Also it was asking for a up date via the game lancher, but i could not click on any thing on the lancher so I could not. So now it is not working! Disappointing.

  33. Jessica


    Hi, I had the same issue with my game crashing to the desktop also, I’m not telling you that you should do this because I am not a professional. My game was crashing because of some memory something however there was nothing wrong with my memory; it was a program called microsoft visual c++ (no idea what it is used for but I haven’t had any issues since deleting it) closing it I just deleted them since i don’t use it and I haven’t had anymore issues.

  34. Nikki

    Sooo I had the perfect family. I took the mother father and two children leaving the toddler home and they went to france. it loaded without showing any sim panels or anything and all i can to is edit france or go home to where their house is pretty much unavailable. and i cant change households because they are ‘still on vacation’

  35. dom

    I have a HUGE problem with my WA. My Sims 3 worked perfectly fine, and decided to install WA. The first installation was a failure : my game would constantly crash to my desktop. But I was able to fix that by downloading another WA (from another uploader) and it works! No crashing. YET I still have this HUGE problem that my sims is unable to have any sort of relationship with skills! It doesn’t pump iron nor work out, it can’t buy food, several buildings cannot be touched (there isn’t anything option with the food store, the bookstore, the hospital, etc), it can’t unclog the toilet, etc. I don’t what to do :S

  36. Rachel

    Yeah, same problems with my game. All of my custom content worked up until I installed WA. So, I copy and pasted the Mods folder and put it in the same place in the WA folder. Still no CC showing up and it’s extremely annoying. Stupid glitches, I pay all of this money for my games and they don’t even work properly. EA frustrates me..

  37. Katie

    Ok so I went to download the newest update and when it was finished I went to go play and this message popped up and it said: “Your Sims 3 base game is incompatible with the current Sims 3 Expansion Pack”. So what do I do?

  38. mushurox

    Hey I have had this problem for awhile now. When I take any family on vacation they do not show up, shows funds as zero, and are completely lost forever (unless I don’t save). I really want to take family on vacation because my main sim will have taken ever photo for collections after she goes to China, Egypt, and France. I do not have this problem on my laptop and I have tried uninstalling 4 times. I have mods but removing them does not seem to help. When I did save though it took me to edit town in china and it let me play a family that lived in China! Weird and cool but I wanted to play my main family! I know others have had this problem too but I have seen no solutions. Thankies ahead of time ;)

  39. Tammy

    I can’t use any mods or custom content at all with WA! I’ve tried starting the game with only one or two mods that are known to be compatible, but each time I do, my game freezes on the first loading screen (the one that has the scrolling text and “world adventures”). The progress bar stays the same, the music continues playing, and nothing happens. I’ve tried putting the files in the base game folder, as well as the WA folder, but no luck. Any suggestions?

    I have also had problems with the patches. When I first installed WA, the problem stated above happened, so I removed all the custom content. Then, the next problem was that the game crashed each time while loading a family/neighborhood. I eventually had to uninstall and reinstall several times, and I finally figured out that if I didn’t patch WA, my game wouldn’t crash. This means I have to disconnect from the internet each time I want to play WA so the launcher won’t detect updates, and I have to deal with the in game bugs that should be fixed. How annoying! I really hope EA comes out with patches for the patches!

  40. matty4

    Wow great post on the subject of WA.

    I have had quite a few problems since installing WA eg: saving gameplay, game freezing, also my current problem of being on a adventure and not been able to carry out the task for example china, the stairs behind the shops after using the switch my sim can go down but after this can’t do anything but go back up, with this i am trying to reset the WA so i can do the task again or restart the WA again as i don’t want to loose any game saves prior to going on holiday!. I have tried uninstalling but goes back to the same state of current task (Stuck) :)

  41. Lariel

    Hi. I installed World adventures and then tried to travel to Egypt (havent played anything else since, so dunno if there are other prpblems), but all times I go there, the graphics seem not to load properly, almost all buildings pulsate bright red and I cant select them. Although I was able to enter the sphinx, it was pretty unusable. I already tried to reinstall the WA, and I dont have any mods. Any suggestions?

  42. Melissa

    so we downloaded it and it works great now!!! :D the only annoying thing about the download is that it takes long time 2 or 3 hours but the results are very good i havent found any problems so far. i would not recomend looking for the updates online because i have some friends who done this and put a viras onto the computer and had to buy a new computer :) good luck xx

    melissa aged 12 ;)

  43. Melissa

    well my dad bought me the sims 3 WA and it dident even go onto the game. it was somthing to do with the updates, but when we came to look up on things like this, we found we were not the only ones. so we (me and my dad) tried everything but it still wouldent work :( so in the end my dad got so annoyed he went onto the EA website and sent a email to the people who made the sims and he said that the game was not working correctly, and that people were having the same problems and that there were updates needed, but people couldent seem to find them, he basicly said if you dont sort this problem out i want my daughters x mas monney back. and it wasent long before the got in touch with us, they asked for our serial number and they sent us a download of the sims 3 WA! it was free because they knew that we had bought it.

  44. TKH


    I have some serious issues. My game (WA) worked perfectly when i got it (which was for christmas) but now suddenly i have issues. I don’t update my game and i’ve never used mods so whats the matter?
    Any way my issues are as follows:

    1. Whilst saving my game, an error message comes up saying ‘An unexpected error has occured while saving’ and tells me to refer to read me file for a code 16 (which doesn’t exist by the way). The only thing is, my game saves! its just an annoying and unnessisary message

    2. My food spoils so quickly in the fridge it’s a waste of time preparing group meals.

    3. My saved games become corupted when i travel with one member from the household.

    The thing is, i have never had a problem with the sims, ever…so why do they start now?

  45. dude

    Dude when i installed wa and tried to play this came up “you sims 3 base game is incompatible with the current sims 3 expansion pack please update your game via game launcher.” ive already tried updating the game and the same thing just shows up again.

  46. Sasha

    I’ve looked all over, and haven’t found any mention of this…

    My sims are trapped on vacation in France. Their visas expired, the clock stopped at 12:00 AM, but they didn’t leave and things progressed despite the clock stopping. I tried using their cells to “Return Home” but the button was grayed out.

    They have now been there seven days (this is their first visit, so they were only supposed to have 3). On the Simology panel, the travel time says 4/3 days, the Adventure journal says 7 days…

    Somebody, anybody, help!!

    Thanks in advance.

  47. Ellen

    Heej. I have a problem and I would be soooo sooo happy if someone would help me.

    I have The Sims 3, World Adventures AND Sims 3 Luxury and Design (or something like that. In Swedish it’s lyx och design). And the only folder I have on electronics art is SIMS 3,
    no World Adventures or anything. It works in the game but there’s no folder in my documents -.-

    I really want to install the inteenimator mod but it doesn’t work and I can’t seem to find the folder. HEEELP.

    If anyone knows what the problem might be please please please send an e-mail to

    [email protected]

  48. Hellen

    Thanks for the help Nick, I really did forgot to move the resource.cfg. The game loads slower now, but I'm so glad I have my mods back. If I see game gets too slow I'll try taking out some of the mods or just taking out all mods (that would be very sad, lol).

    Well anyway Thanks A Lot for remembering me that.

    "Happy simming"


  49. Eva


    Ok, so my problem is very bizzare, I've searched the net and there is nothing about it, hope You'll help me.

    I installed WA and when I go into a household my fridge is completly empty, I cant buy any food at the grocery shop (There are only fish and meat). My sims are constantly in a bad mood, when in "Create-a-sim" I cannot choos voice and color/music/food preferences. Also, when going on vacation my sim just pops back into a houshold.

    Thanks in advance for help.

    1. Nick

      Hey Hellen,

      I think that what would be happening is that you are forgetting to move the resource file too.. or I may just be plain wrong. If you haven't moved the resource file then do it and test it to see if it works, also, not all mods work with World Adventures and some may cause glitches so check it out if you have any problems.


  50. Hellen

    Hi everybody. "I would Love ANY HELP"

    I had some issues after installing WA, so I re-installed. Now my mods don't show up, I made backup of my mods before re-installing. I placed the Mods folder at the WA folder, But they still don't show up. This is making me crazy…


  51. Caroline (again)

    Okay. Its me again. But its been abt 2 months since i asked about my problem. I haven't played the game since then- except on my laptop that doesn't have WA. I get on the computer and play WA for the first time since forever and I STILL cant go steady with anyone. She doesn't have any partner. This happened as soon as I came back from France. The game is up-to-date and everything. I can only play new families with no teens and married parents. Its really annoying. My dad (who is a computer geek) thinks the file needs repair. But I cant find anything that will repair the file…and I don't know the file. Should I just reinstall? I think it would delete my family but right now – I really don't care. I'm on my 3rd generation of "baita" (heartbreaker) family. If I can just get this going I would really appreciate.

    Thanks and Sorry for the long comment =.=" and the trouble:)

    1. Nick

      Yeh Caroline, I would just do a full reinstall, sorry but it's something that kind if has to be done otherwise there's no way to find out whether it's your computer or the game. If you can find away around it I would do it but I highly recommend a full reinstall.

      Let me know how it works out,

  52. Katy

    Helloo, I'm having a really difficult time finding any solution for my problem :(

    Whenever I go to China (I haven't tried this anywhere else) and whenever I finish an adventure, the person I have to report to disappears…any suggestions?

    Going back home and returning just cancels the adventure.

  53. Chibi


    Does anybody have this issue?

    I have been searching and searching and nobody seems to have complained about this. I have been traveling a million times and never had this issue. Not only did I experienced the dreaded "travel somewhere and no sim shows up" (I found a workaround for that) but now every time I try to go home, my sim doesn't "get there". She's already there like she never left. Everything I did while at Egypt or something NEVER saved! No relics, gems, missions, NOTHING!!! D:

  54. Emma

    Hey :) I have a really annoying problem. I recently bought WA and when I try to install it, the setup says 'cannot continue setup because Sims 3 is corrupt or not installed properly'. My brother has tried fixing it and reinstalled sims 3 a few times but it still doesn't work, do you know how to fix this?

    xx Emma

    1. Nick

      Hey Emma,

      I don't know what more to say, I would have said that you should try a re-install but obviously that doesn't work. Do you by any change have mods installed or anything that could be affecting this that wouldn't change even with a re-install? If it doesn't work after a few tries I would try to get my money back, but it may not be that easy.

      Sorry if nothing works and good luck.

  55. Rhi G

    HELP!! My Sim went to Egypt. She came home and moved in with her boyfriend (who she's not yet going steady with – I'll explain why in a sec).

    Now, when I try to get them going steady or even to get married, I can't – my sim is MARRIED to an Egyptian who does not appear in her relationships and she apparently has a CHILD with him who is OLDER than she is!!

    I've taken her back to Egypt to find this man but he appears not to exist!! HELP!!

  56. livvy

    I have The Sims 3 World Adventures and I am at level 3 visa on Egypt and I purchased a house and went back home now when I try and go on vacation I see my house but no people show up along the side or any thoughts of needs what can I do pleeeeease HELP ME !! ?????

  57. Anonymous

    Hi there, I have been having some very crazy issues. At first I did not have any problems. And then it all started with my sims not being able to enter the hospital or the parliament building and loosing jobs because of it. My female sim nearly died being stuck at the hospital until I removed it. Its now gone and I cant place it anywhere.

    Then I wanted to take my sim family to France. Once I got to France, the whole family was gone they did not show up at all. So I went back to the home town and they were not in their house. When I clicked return to game I was taken back to France with still no sims in sight. >.< major PITA

  58. Sarah

    I am getting seriously annoyed now. It's bugging me so much 'cause I love this game, it's so addictive.

    I've had this game for a couple of months now and have had no problems. But recently, after reinstalling and installing the most recent update, my .sims3pack files have a 'software update error' and won't install, and my game won't load past the neighbourhood screen. It just disappears. I can't find a solution anywhere. =[

  59. Monique


    I start TS3 WA and it goes throught the EA GAMES bit and the intro then it gets to the loading bar and theres no music, no icons, and nothing happens!!!! Im in some serious trouble. HELP!!!

  60. bob

    Sorry about all the comments, just one more thing.

    If your game shuts down right, there's a few reasons:

    1) Ermm mine did that it could be because you have MSN on because whenever some one came online or talked to me (you know the little box in the corner when some one says something or comes online) that would shut it down.

    2) Your computer can't run it because it needs to be updated or running on something different or it's not good enough to run sims 3 on it =P

    3) You have too many things open when you play the game (like MSN, iTunes, Internet xD, and other ones) mine didn't close down when I left them on but it just slowed my game a teny bit down but it was still okay.

    4) You didn't install it properly I dunno, it could of happened, you never know, just uninstall it then reinstall it :)

    @PAUL – I used mods off the go to the exchange they all worked or welcome to mod the sims 3 they both worked for me.

    @Krissy – Ermm same happened to me the first time I went but if you've only been once then try it again beacuse the second time I got everything back I dunno anything else to do :S

    @KatieLouise – Ermm what traits did you give this sim? If they are traits like mean or something then it will say that, change them, press ctrl enter (the one above crtl) and c then type "testingcheatsenabled true" press enter the press enter at the same time you click on your sims then press edit trait or what ever or you can uninstall then install it again but when it asks do you want to keep save progress press yes.

    If you have like any PROBLEMS WITH MODS then when you click on the Sims 3 Launcher, go to installed content or what ever and press run with out installed content :) it should get rid of all your mods and it might get rid of a few glitches.

    If anyone has any problems then just like email [email protected]


    1. Nick

      WOW! Thank you very much Bob! Tons of help there :D

      I merged quite a few of your comments together and edited some things so it looks nice but thanks a lot for all the help you've just given to everybody, I'm pretty sure you've just helped out a ton more people than just the guys you helped personally.

      Thanks so much Bob, maybe speak again or I could be seeing you at the Forum!

      Thanks again man,

  61. bob

    @kg – Uninstall it then when it asks keep all saved games or what ever say no that will get rid of all your mods that you don't want BUT IT WILL GET RID OF YOUR SAVED GAMES TOO!!

    @Edogawa Conan – Do the same, uninstall it but if you want to keep your saved games then press yes when it asks you do you want to keep all saved progress or what ever.

    Same happened to me and its fine now :) Then install The Sims 3 again then after you’ve done that install World Adventures :D

    @Kiki – Download WA of the internet, it WILL NOT WORK IF ITS PIRATED :]

    Because if you have a fake Sims 3 then bought WA out of a shop it needs the real Sims 3.

  62. bob

    I know how to save it! Just go on save as – instead of save :]

    There's another thing after coming back after a holiday, I went with 2 sims and they were married !! And when they came back everything messed up they didn't even know each other any more and the women was on the streets I had two of the same sims so I had 9 people in the family which is wrong coz there's only aloud to be 8 and I couldn't click on the top one and now they cant get married again!

    What the hell am I meant to do?!

  63. K G

    Hi, I only have Sims 3 installed, I uninstalled WA. I uninstalled Sims 3 because the mods were making things slow then I reinstalled and they were still in the game!! Help would be appreciated!

  64. Edogawa Conan

    Can anyone find out what's wrong with my Sims 3 World Adventures? When I update my Sims 3 World Adventures to the latest version it just says 'The version that you are running is incompatible with data. Please update your game! I removed the mods and kept reinstalling over and over but still it doesn't work.

    What to do?

  65. Paul

    Hey. Since it is evident that the mods we have installed are not compatible with the most recent patch and WA, does anyone have any download links to mods that do work with WA?


  66. Jessica

    Hey guys,

    Sorry so long-

    I have been looking at everyone's problems and haven’t seen the major issues that I have been experiencing. First of all, yes my game also crashes either when I'm creating a new sim and haven’t been able to save yet or when I have been decorating a custom house for hours! This is really annoying but lately I have been dealing with worse. Let's see where to start… ok I don't know if I’m the only one having this issue but sometimes when I go to create a toddler, child or teen in create a sim the graphics get all messed up. Lets say I’m creating a toddler, it comes out half toddler with body parts of an older sim- like the arms and torso are all disfigured and it doesn’t look like a toddler at all. This also happens with any sim younger than an adult. To fix this I have to use the cheat to age that sim to an adult so it looks normal- but just sucks b/c it happens to a lot of my younger sims. Next- it seems like in some of my neighborhoods and exotic locations for WA that some of the homes or lots turn black and I can't see them nor visit them. It's almost like the basement feature that are included into the WA game has made them that way. I don't know what to do but I just would like to know if anyone else is having these issues. Thanks to all who can help.

  67. Kiki

    Please help me!

    I have pirate Sims 3 and Sims 3 WA. When I installed TS3 WA, and open it, it says me to reinstall Sims 3. I did that, but it always tell me to reinstall it. I really don't know what to do…

    Help me!! -_-

  68. KatieLouise

    I did this livechat thing with one of the sims 3 help desk people on the internet. It was no help at all, he copied and pasted stuff from other sites forums which I'd already tested and didn't work for me. Hopefully EA will fix this soon.

  69. Krissy

    I have a question, my WA wont let me ask anyone out I cant take anything back from Egypt, Paris, or China and my food spoils fast. I don't have any special mods or anything downloaded and my game is up to date so is it fixable at all?

    1. Nick

      Sorry, but it sounds like the latest patches have done their horrid work on you.

      All I can advise is for you to hold tight and wait for 'the new fix' which may even cause some new glitches.

      I don't know how EA do it.

      Good luck,

  70. Zack

    Hey. I need help, the Sims 3 WA game will not load when I try to move in people. The screen will still move around with the mouse but I cant do anything because the obvious loading signal says "Processing…" but it is not loading at all. I have waited 9 minutes (I counted with my ipod timer) and it still hasn't loaded, I have tried doing this with and without cheats and it doesn't respond and the only way to get out of it is to wait about 2 mins for task manager to shut it down. Or restart the computer completely. So can someone please tell me how to fix this?

  71. Ambron


    Does your game shut down during recoloring?

    I have the same issue. First it starts slowing down while I recolor, when i change the point of view, then the game shuts down.

    It happens mostly after a few hours of decorating.

    I thought it could be something with my graphic card (maybe too old), or not enough RAM.

    Do you recognize this?

    1. Nick

      Then it's probably a mod that interferes with the game, try removing one from the folder at a time (still keep it somewhere safe) and seeing if any changes occur, if none, put it back and remove another and so on until you find the source at which point you should probably contact them if you really like the mod of custom content.

      Hope it works.

  72. Caroline

    My problem is weird. How can you ask a sim out? Cause apparently ever since I installed the World Adventures expansion pack it wont let me. I have a "baita" heartbreaker family and they cant ask anyone out. its so annoying.

    Any help?

    1. pattid


      do you have McAfee virus scan?? if you do that may be the problem. if you have windows 7 you don’t need an outside virus scan, microsoft has a free virus scan that works better with windows and games.

  73. Maddi

    Hey, I've got a really annoying problem too.

    Every time I try to install my game it comes up with an error when I press 'try again' it continues this keeps happing then at the very end of the installation I try again then I wait half an hour and the problem reoccurs. I cannot get past this, its really bugging me :P

    I hope you can help reply as soon as you can cheers.

    P.S – I've looked everywhere I cannot find a solution

    – EDIT: Just merged your other two comments into here ;) (Nick) —

    1. Nick

      @Maddi – Sorry, I have no idea what you could do in your situation apart from contacting EA (good luck :S) or just keeping a look out and seeing if you could find any more help.

      @Chrystle – I would just wait for another patch unless you can try and give any more details like when, does it happen when you save?

      @Caroline – Again, a patch will be the only thing that may be able to solve it, I'll try and let EA know about it.

      I'll try and pass on all the problems to EA but I'm guessing that nobody of importance will really get to read them – it's worth a try.


  74. Alix

    I have the problem with sim relationships, with the red bars while talking and the lack of any relationship stuff in the relationship panel. I don't have any mods, so it doesn't have to do with that. It has happened twice, both after I returned from China. I "solved" it by saving a copy of my family to the library and starting a new game with them, but like I said, it happened twice. Now I'm afraid to travel.

  75. Chrystle

    Those sound just like the problems I have! I have reinstalled it and it really didn't fix the crashing problem.

    When you get the error 16 problem just save it under save as that is how I fixed that problem.

  76. Sam

    Hey. :] So I've been playing World Adventures for a few nights now, and I've noticed two issues:

    First one, I've tried numerous times to make new sims, in the create a sim section of the game. Everytime I try to make a new sim, the game crashes, and I have to reset my computer completely.

    Second one. When I played in a family that was already created, sent them on an adventure and everything. Then I'd go to save my game. Bt it kept telling me there was an error, and my game never saved. I tried this repeatedly, and I kept getting the same message "error 16" [i think]. And when I went back to the game a while ago, the family I played in before, was completely gone.

    Can you help me, please? :]

    1. Nick

      Hey, I think it's best to simple reinstall The Sims 3 and The Sims 3 World Adventures, you'll lose everything, but from the sound of things, you already have.

      What EA have been doing with these patches are ridiculous, almost everybody has some glitches in their game but only a few have serious glitches like you. I can't do anything personally, but my advice would be to reinstall.

      I'll let you know if I find out anything else.


  77. Chrystle66666666

    Does anybody else have problems with the game just shutting down for no reason? I have had it happen a few times and when I would go back into it my saved game was no longer there.

    1. Nick

      Wow, that sounds like a nasty problem :S

      I would just leave it for a while, it's never happened to me and I haven't seen any cases where it has been solved (or even any cases of it).

      I'll keep on the look out in case I see anything that could help!


  78. Sylvia

    Thought Id throw in my two cents here. For the most part, I love the new additions. The expansion could have used a few more staple Buy Menu items (lamps/sofas/chairs etc) but I think its a fairly stable game.

    I did have one strange thing happen though, which reminded me of when they expanded to Sims 2 Bon Voyage. Here it is:

    I've sent my sim on many trips to China and Simhara, but on the last voyage (AFTER he invited a woman back from Simhara and married her, also taking in her young ward – a child), I took all 3 of my Simfam, and the child came back with a twinner.

    Ugh. *shudder* That bugs me, as the female is pregnant and I wasn't prepared to have 4 people in the home already.

    Any thoughts, community?

    1. Nick

      Wow, this sounds quite strange..

      Before I try and do some research or find some help, let's just get this right:

      So you went with three, the Dad, the Mum and the child, came back and there was magically a new twin?

      Or did you come back and the Mum had another baby which was the twin?

      I hope I can help either way :P

      Oh, you may get more answers if you ask in this topic in out forum but we can still discuss it here if you don't want to register.


  79. Gert van Niekerk

    Hey there I also have one huge prolem with sims 3 wa. I installed a mod/patch the instant learning skill, but since that was installed my sims can't use any object that has something to do with building/learning skills, not the mirror to practice their charisma, not the gym to pump iron or anything…and I noticed that if you install the hidden traits mod/patch then if you want to create a new sim, then there is no traits for you to choose from, and also if you install any custom clothing or tattoos for that case, then sims 3 wa is on slow drive the whole game…and I did try to install it under my sims 3 wa directory, it's just the same problem.

  80. Tamlyn

    Hey Nick.. me again.. (why do I get the feeling I am going to bug you senseless?)

    I have another issue.. I went to Egypt and before I went I could read the books in my book rack, while in Egypt I purchased books and could read them outta my inventory.. but when I returned and put them in the book case, I could no longer read them.. even if I took it out…

    Please help me! (again) :P


    1. Nick

      Hey again – I have a feeling that it would be easier to make a World Adventures issue thread in the forum :P Don't worry about asking for help, it's nice to know you come here for it.

      Well I have heard this glitch before but there hasn't really been a fix to it yet – I tries looking a bit more into it and did some research but can't find nada on it.

      Sorry but I think you'll have to just wait for a new patch. One really annoying problem with me is the fact that I can't install and new patches – my game just goes mental :P

      Feel free to ask anything else but this isn't something I can really help you with, it's out of my league.


      1. Lino

        Hello everyone! As much as I enjoy playing sims 3 world adventures, ive got a problem.

        When my sim travels to china, the game will freeze & unfreeze during the night time only.

        The folks at ea support suggested that I delete some temprary files.

        That didnt work & I dont have any custom content nor any mods. I do however use the motherlode cheat and occasionally resetsim type deal.

        Anyone know a possible way to steer me into the direction to solve this problem please?

        Its driving me insane that I cant fix this

  81. Tamlyn

    OK cool, thanks..

    I doubt it's my mods as being the idiot I am, I forgot to make a back up of my mods on the original Sims3 :P But I'll check the folders and stuff.. :)

    Do you think a manual installation might help (maybe there is a glitch on the disk with the auto load)?


    1. Nick

      Hmm I don't know, never really tried a manual installation myself, you could try it if you know how to do it but if there is something wrong with the autoload then it should definitely be reported to EA, I doubt they will really do anything about it but you should at least raise the issue if it works fine with manual installation.

      So yeh, try it if you can and let me know how it works out!

  82. Tamlyn

    Hey, since I installed WA I cannot seem to "Choose Bait" or "Inspect Water" when fishing… I reinstalled it and moved the necessary stuff… Anyone else having the same issue?

    Any help? Please it's annoying!

    1. Nick

      Hey, I haven't heard of this one but I'm guessing it may not be that you haven't moved the mods but it could be the mods that are causing the problems – try moving the mods (but still keep them if you want) and load the game – if you still have the same problem then it's probably the game.

      Or it may just be that you've been trying to fish at an un-fishable place :P

      Let me know how it works out,

  83. Kourtney

    I moved my Resource.cfg file and all my mods over to C/ProgramFiles/ElectronicArts/TheSims3WorldAdventures and they still wont show up :( do you have any other suggestions about what I might be doing wrong?

  84. Kathy

    Since downloading Sims 3 WA I have had an increasing number of glitches. First my Fridge didn't work (all food spoils immediately) and since I saved last night all my family have lost all their relationships (completely red bars when talking). I don't have anything tricky installed – can anyone help?

      1. karen

        hey ill be playing the sims just fine. ill go and send my sim on a trip to china but when it arrives on the china screen my sim is no where to be found. the buildings are there and stuff but my sim isnt. and when i click on objects it says no interaction available. any suggestions?

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